396.1 BE/1–2654: Telegram

No. 362
The Secretary of State to the President

top secret priority

Dulte 6. Eyes only for the President from the Secretary. Distribute one copy to Acting Secretary.

“Meeting today preceded by lunch of Bidault, Eden with me concerning position on Soviet agenda proposal for five-power conference first, Germany and European security second, Austria third.1 We agreed to accept to save endless agenda debate feeling no harm would result. I made my speech at opening of today’s meeting.2 Molotov made long rambling reply designed primarily to open up possible differences between US and UK and France, emphasizing [Page 835] the theme of Europe for the Europeans and implying Americans go home. Also sought to offset poor propaganda effect of Molotov opening speech which my speech exploited. Bidault dines with Molotov tonight.3 He seems standing firm. Some slight sign of Eden desire play intermediary role with Molotov whom he has invited to dine with him Wednesday. I expect to be invited to dine with Molotov Friday and expect to accept.”4

John Foster Dulles
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  2. For Secretary Dulles’ speech, see Secto 24, Document 360.
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