396.1 BE/1–2654: Telegram

No. 364
The United States Delegation at the Berlin Conference to the Department of State1


Secto 28. Department pass OSD. GDR has endeavored transmit letter to “Conference of Foreign Ministers” requesting participation Berlin conference.2 Copies were delivered to four Foreign Ministers office addressees. Subsequently, Soviet representatives tried unsuccessfully on January 26 get letter published and circulated by conference secretariat as official conference document. Tripartite agreed to refuse.

In view these developments, tripartite agreement reached with respect GDR and Austrian representation at conference as follows:

We will not raise the question of GDR representation, but if it is raised by the Soviets, we will reject it. (BER D–4/3a3).
If the Soviets do not raise the question of either GDR or Austrian representation, we will not raise question of Austrian representation until Austrian item is reached in agenda.

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, Moscow, Vienna, Bonn, and Frankfurt.
  2. An English translation of this letter, which was circulated within the U.S. Delegation as BER D–4/3a, is in Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 200.
  3. Presumably BER D–4/3, Jan. 11, 1955, “Participation of the Federal Republic and the Soviet Zone Regime in the Berlin Conference”. (CFM files, lot M 8, box 167)