740.5/2–2052: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Department of State

Secto 22. 1. At final TCC mtg yesterday1 agreement was reached to modify provisions of TCC resolution2 on infrastructure to bring them into line with current status of works on this Subj in NATO interagency working group which is preparing way for completion of hardcore third-slice cost-sharing at Lisbon. In particular, [garble] this point stressed by Fr, wld delete ref to interim advances in para 10 c and d.

[Page 220]

2. Agreed on statement to be included at appropriate point in supplementary report3 to effect that based on country comments all M–Day divisions in SCS force table for end of 1952 are expected to be ready but that will be lag in readiness of post-M–Day divisions. Overall expect up to 25 percent of total divisions called for may not be ready on time. Also 10 percent of air force requirements will probably slip. This statement replaced at least temporarily summary force table based on country comment which cannot be prepared until Fr capabilities and Ital figures clarified, on both of which US is still working.

3. Harriman and Monnet on personal basis distributed prepared TCC recommendation to council stressing importance of effective NATO reorganization and in particular calling for director-gen who wld also be permanent vice chairman of council and who wld have direct access to govts, NATO bodies, and major commands. Most reps felt unable to act without consulting their govts but they were urged in light TCC experience to press their govts to agree to adequate organizational changes.

4. Meeting closed with usual amenities.

  1. Regarding the previous Lisbon meeting of the Temporary Council Committee, see telegram 376, from Lisbon, supra.
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  3. For the text of the Supplementary Report of the Committee, Feb. 8, see p. 211.