740.5/2–1752: Telegram

The Ambassador in Portugal (MacVeagh) to the Department of State 1

376. In brief TCC mtg this afternoon request for comments of govts on res2 approved by TCC earlier resulted in several essential textual changes, suggestions from French delegate which are being considered, [Page 219]statement of Gen approval by Italian delegate accompanied by desire to emphasize certain points previously made by Italian Deputy at TCC mtgs in Paris and indication by Netherland delegate that his Govt had not completed consideration of the report. It was made clear by chairman 3 that all govts were of course free to make further comments and proposals for amendment of res at council mtg.

In response to inquiries chairman suggested and it was agreed that at subsequent meeting, tentatively scheduled for Tues,4 TCC cld discuss it with respect to NATO reorganization in light of further work being done by Deps at mtg on Mon5 and might at that time have before it report from SC’s [ MC’s] working group on forces annex.

Chairman announced that at request of Mil Comite, standing group and exec bureau were meeting today to consider suggestions for changes in TCC res from Mil Comite. Chairman made clear any substantive changes wld be presented to TCC for discussion and that if necessary to resolve difference, joint TCC-Mil Comite mtg cld be considered.

Chairman announced several recent developments respect infrastructure, including further definition by SHAPE of hard core requirements made it possible in his present view to attempt during Council session to reach agrmt on sharing cost of hard core of third slice. Naturally in view import Subj this shld be completed if at all possible.

  1. This telegram was repeated for information to London.
  2. For the text of the resolution under reference as ultimately approved by the North Atlantic Council, see document C9–D/20, Feb. 23, p. 220.
  3. Harriman.
  4. For a report on the final TCC meeting held on Tuesday, Feb. 19, see telegram Secto 22, from Lisbon, infra.
  5. At its meeting in Lisbon on Feb. 18, the North Atlantic Council Deputies agreed to form a special group drawn from the staffs of the Council Deputies Special Committee on Infrastructure, SHAPE, TCC, and the Standing Group to draw up a new paper containing all the latest developments on infrastructure for presentation to the North Atlantic Council. (Telegram 379, Feb. 18, from Lisbon; 740.5/2–1852)