740.5/2–2652: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Department of State

Secto 100.1. Final mtg of three Mins took place late afternoon of Feb 26.

2. Financial contribution. Schuman did not feel he cld accept change in language proposed by Chancellor reported in Bonn’s 20 to Lisbon Feb 26 (rpt numbers not known).2 He agreed to footnote with statement he accepted its existence but not its content. It was agreed press release shld accordingly be issued as planned.3

Schuman has apparently given instrs his position shld be made clear at Bonn. (Fr fear that Ger desire to include Allied troop support in budget is designed to increase Ger voting power in EDC and are anxious to make clear Ger statement in no way prejudges negots in EDC conf.) They desire that this be done on tripartite basis and suggest oral statement that we regard footnote as unilateral Ger statement which in no way commits Three Powers. We think this is correct but are somewhat concerned that statement might be taken to foreclose payment of Allied troops costs mechanically through EDC budget, to which we are prepared to agree. Suggest you attempt work out appropriate statement with Francois-Poncet; if impossible without prejudice to agrmt now achieved, believe it best to allow him to make individual statement.

3. Security controls. A brief discussion produced agrmt along fol lines: Gun barrels over 105 mm. will be deleted from list. Propellants [Page 171] will also be deleted but Fr will press for arrangement in EDC treaty whereby all new capacity for production of propellants in EDC will be monopoly of community itself, will be provided for from common budget and will be located outside strategically exposed areas (i.e. outside FedRep). On civil aviation, Secy proposed this be deleted from list but that Adenauer be asked to include in a communication to three govts assurance in fol terms:

“In respect of civil aircraft, none are being produced in the FedRep at the present time, nor are there any facilities available for such production. The Govt of the FedRep intends to purchase from other countries such civil aircraft as may be required in Ger. If in the future condition shld change, the FedRep will seek agrmt on this matter with the Govts of the US, UK, and France in the light of the sitn then prevailing”.

Schuman said he cld recommend this to his govt as satis settlement of civil aviation question.

4. Other problems. The Mins then touched briefly on certain other questions (Trieste, Indochina) which are being separately reported.4 Secy also gave brief acct of situation in Korea.

  1. The dateline in the source text is probably in error. The telegram was received on Feb. 28 at 2:33 a.m.
  2. The dateline in the source text is probably in error. The telegram was received on Feb. 28 at 2:33 a.m.
  3. Post, p. 262.
  4. For the text of the agreed press release, see telegram 23. Feb. 26, from Lisbon, p. 261.
  5. The two telegrams under reference here are Secto 94 and Secto 95, both Feb. 26, 10 p.m. from Lisbon. Secto 94 reads as follows;

    Eden in tripartite mtg this afternoon raised question of Indochina, Commented on divergence of milit views. We indicated US making thorough review which from the milit point of view shld be completed within a month, and wld take another month of interdepartmental and other consultation. At end of that time, we might be ready to talk further.” (740.5/2–2652)

    Secto 95 reads as follows:

    De Gasperi expressed concern to both Secy and Eden about progress Trieste negots. Matter touched on briefly at tripartite Tues afternoon. It was agreed we shld work out common approach to problem and, in particular, in relation to Yugo. Because of tripartite talks in Washington on econ aid to Yugo, suggestion is that these be widened to include what, if anything, be done concerning Trieste.” (740.5/2–2652)

    A record of the discussion on Trieste, Indochina, and the situation in Korea is also covered in Part 4 of telegram 262400Z, supra.