715.00/11–2754: Telegram

The Ambassador in Honduras (Willauer) to the Department of State


159. 1. When calling on Acting President Lozano 24th,1 he confidentially handed me following unsigned memo plan of action, indicating he intends put this plan into operation if Congress fails convene. He did not indicate he would take any steps for or against successful convening of Congress; however, he thought exclusive Carias victory would provoke widespread violence. “In event National Congress does not convene December 5 as prescribed by political constitution, there would result breach of constitutional order.

“That being case, President Galvez or Acting President Lozano would be obliged to issue special decree assuming full powers of nation, until constitutional order restored by means Constituent Assembly elected to that effect in free and unfettered elections.

“Meanwhile in same decree President would create advisory body composed of all Congressmen elected last October, that is Nationalists, Liberals and Reformists. Members this body would act in advisory capacity and receive monthly payment equal that of Congressman.

“One of the main purposes that advisory body would be prepare draft new political constitution. Up to this date all political constitutions issued in Honduras have been drafted and approved by only single party thus resulting in failure. It is expected that a new constitution [Page 1321]prepared and approved by representatives of the three political parties would have better chances of stability fulfill line at same time needs, desires and aspirations all people of Honduras.

“Proposed advisory body would serve both as nucleus and pattern for future national government in which the three political parties would participate in more or less equal basis.”

2. Villeda and Williams have each told me he working for pact with other (which in essence similar Lozano plan above). Each says pact unworkable unless witnessed by United States Ambassador and that failure achieve such or similar pact will mean internal war.

3. I have carefully followed Department’s instructions, saying I will under no circumstances witness or be present at signing political pact. Have added that if it would be any use to signers would be glad listen to their statements after they have completed pact, which would be in accordance my duty as reporting officer.

4. Would appreciate Department’s comments or further instructions.

  1. On Nov. 16, 1954, Vice-President Julio Lozano Díaz assumed the position of Acting President of Honduras, upon President Gálvez’ departure from the country to seek medical attention.