The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Honduras 1

top secret

489. Re Embtel 362, May 23,2 you are authorized to inform President Galvez in confidence that American Naval vessels are presently en route Western Caribbean area adjacent to Honduras. Have arranged with Navy for Commander maintain contact with Embassy through the Department in accordance your recommendation #3.

Department suggests you recommend that the Government release to the press substantially all the information in the confidential memorandum under reference.

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You may further advise President Galvez that Department has under closest study at highest level the threat posed by the Communist problem in Guatemala including his request for U.S. support under Rio Treaty in case of emergency. You will be immediately advised of Department’s decision.

Navy states they are prepared to put ships into Honduran ports with two hours notice to evacuate American nationals.

  1. Drafted, approved, and signed by Mr. Leddy.
  2. Supra.