The Ambassador in Honduras (Willauer) to the Department of State 1

top secret

362. Inform substance Central American Embassies. Following Embassy translation confidential memo May 23 from Foreign Office asking United States help under Rio treaty against Communism (full Spanish text airpouch):

[Here follows text of the referenced memorandum and related comments by Ambassador Willauer.]

Above memo drafted with President’s personal participation, indicates clarity with which he sees danger Communism, and weakness resources with which he faces it. For most Hondurans, strike is still “purely Honduran”. We must give him support he requires (or its equivalent). I believe this support, if properly coordinated with Embassy and President, can assist him in his major objective of splitting Communists from non-Communists. Memo also permits measures protection United States citizens within framework anti-Communist assistance Honduras.

I recommend: (1) I be authorized tell President earliest that American warships en route; (2) These ships tend engage in unpublicized manoeuvres well off Honduras pending developments; (3) Commander any such force instructed coordinate closely with Embassy.

  1. Repeated to Guatemala City.