722.5 MSP/1–2252: Telegram

The Ambassador in Ecuador ( Daniels ) to the Department of State


254. This afternoon I explained fully to FonMin Dept’s views re bilateral military assistance agreement pursuant Deptel 193 Jan 18, 1 p.m.1 Ponce expressed full understanding our position, but said problem was very delicate one for Govt Ecuador, because of political considerations. He said highly desirable that agreement not be subject political attack either in public or in Ecuadoran Congress, even on hypothetical basis. Having in mind our own need to stay within letter and spirit of MSA and internatl commitments, Ponce suggests fol amendment to Art 1 of proposed text:

  • Para 1, third sentence “Such assistance shld be so designed as to promote the defense and maintain the peace of the western hemisphere and be in accordance with the defense plans under which both govts will participate in missions important to the defense and the maintenance of the peace of the western hemisphere”.
  • Para 2, lines 5 and 6 “under which the two govts will participate in missions important to the defense and the maintenance of the peace of the western hemisphere”.

In suggesting these additions to those two sentences, Ponce called attn to the phraseology of first para preamble, where same words appear.

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While appreciating reluctance Dept make any change in present text, I am afraid an unyielding or rigid attitude our part may not be in our best interest. Obviously our interest avoid political attacks on Ecuadoran Govt based on proposed bilateral. Equally our interest support concept that “maintenance of peace” desirable. Ponce indicated that with this point settled he anticipated no difficulty rapid conclusion bilateral agreement. This afternoon military team informed me that prospect good for early conclusion supplementary military plan, subject further review by govt. Accordingly if proposed amendment can be accepted by Dept it appears probable entire negotiation can be wound up promptly.

If Dept can accept proposed amendment in Ecuadoran bilateral agreement, it may wish consider including identical phraseology in proposed Peruvian bilateral and possibly others.

Tel instrs.2

  1. Supra.
  2. Department of State telegram 196, to Quito, dated Jan. 24, 1952, authorized Ambassador Daniels to accept the changes in the draft bilateral military assistance agreement suggested by Foreign Minister Ponce inasmuch as they conformed “to our position that any indication US aid will be applied specifically to inter-continental aggression be avoided.” (722.5 MSP/1–2252)