Memorandum by the Secretary of State to the President 1



  • Inclusion of Argentina in Visit of Dr. Milton Eisenhower 2 to South America.

Since May 15 President Peron has lifted official restrictions on the operations of American news agencies and has markedly diminished anti-American propaganda.

There is reason to believe that the incidents between April 15 and May 15 were fomented and used by the extreme nationalists and crypto-Communists in Peron’s entourage to stop the gradual improvement in our relations with Argentina which had been developing since you took office. The steps taken by Peron are clearly the outcome of representations made by Ambassador Nufer and the quiet work of those of Peron’s entourage who desire better relations with the United States.

The situation is still not satisfactory in that the congressional investigation3 of American news agencies and unofficial pressure against them continue. Nevertheless, it would scarcely be even in their interests not to make the visit, and numerous other American interests have emphatically urged that Dr. Eisenhower’s visit be made. Even some prominent newsmen favor it. It is significant that Democracia, the noisy Peronista mouthpiece controlled by the anti-American clique, has now reverted to the line of “sympathetic expectancy” of better relations with the United States.

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We feel that, from the viewpoint of our national interests, American interests in Argentina, and our relations both with Argentina and the other American republics, it is desirable that the visit to Argentina be made. While Peron may revert to anti-American diatribes, a visit, on the other hand, may afford a positive opportunity to clear up outstanding questions and thus may prove a definite step forward on the road to improved relations.4

J[ohn] F[oster] D[ulles]
  1. Drafted by Mr. Cabot; delivered to the White House on June 18.
  2. Between June 23 and July 29, 1953, Dr. Milton Eisenhower visited the ten countries of South America at the request of President Eisenhower for the purpose of conducting a factfinding mission. Regarding his visit, see the editorial note, p. 196.
  3. By the Argentine Congress.
  4. A handwritten note attached to the source text, initialed by Assistant to the Secretary O’Connor, dated June 18, indicated that President Eisenhower approved the proposed visit.

    Dr. Milton Eisenhower visited Buenos Aires on July 18–19, 1953. An extensive account of his visit and related memoranda of conversation were transmitted to the Department of State under cover of despatch 56, from Buenos Aires, dated July 21, 1953, not printed (120.220/7–2153). For additional information, see Milton S. Eisenhower, The Wine is Bitter: The United States and Latin America (New York, 1963), pp. 64–66.