179. Telegram From the CIA Station in Guatemala to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida1

799. Re: GUAT 791.2

Though clearly understood that this Station has no responsibility for the K-Program and in fact is limited to being a commo channel and backstopper for Page nevertheless information obtained by us and made available to Page plus that obtained by Page from [name not declassified] (see GUAT 785 (IN 15812))3 leads us to believe that Page’s departure at this time is unfortunate since indications army discontent mounting and may result in conditions favorable to defection efforts either through [name not declassified] or others.
Since information contained LINC 3631 (IN 15716)4 and obtained from [name not declassified] as reported GUAT 790 (IN 16092)5 indicates Semantic compromise is an inconvenience rather than disaster, we perturbed by fact no one will be on scene to handle defection possibilities which may shortly arise as friendly pressure and govt tension mount.
We wish point out we have no contact with any Page people and that K-Program automatically suspended with Page departure.
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