178. Record of Decisions1


It is understood that LINCOLN will give prior notice to Headquarters of the proposed departure of any senior members of LINC Station to the field, indicating where they are going and for what purposes. (Action: LINCOLN) (In this connection, LINC is to be advised which countries require the visa applicant to appear in person.) (Action: Mr. [name not declassified] and Mr. Preston)
Discussion was had of the latest Corcoran attacks against the Agency and his efforts to penetrate PBSUCCESS and bring pressures to bear, using only slightly veiled threats of stirring up trouble for CIA on the Hill. Messrs. Barnes and [name not declassified] were requested to pass the word down the line at LINC to the effect that no one should have any conversation with or pass any word to Corcoran without prior approval of DCI. This is the Agency line as a whole. (Messrs. [name not declassified] and Barnes said that they know of no one at or connected with LINC who had had any contact with or passed any word to Corcoran.) (Action: Messrs. Barnes and [name not declassified])
Cable is to be sent to [place not declassified] in an effort to get [name not declassified] (correspondent there) to write the Perez Asturias story. (Action: Mr. [name not declassified])
After the 5:00 meeting with Mr. Dulles today, the problem of the additional radio operators, to be procured from General McClellan’s shop, is to be re-examined. (Action: Mr. Wisner)
A cable is to be sent to [name not declassified] requesting that he cable Hqs at least a preliminary report of the [name not declassified]/Perez Jimenez meeting. Hqs is planning to leak a story re this meeting and it is important that we get the information developed on this meeting. (Action: Mr. Esterline)
The FOA plan to be handled with Mr. Weiland of USIA. (Action: Mr. Bissell)
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 71, Folder 6. Secret.