ECA Telegram File: FRC Acc. No. 53A278: Ankara Toeca: Telegram

The Chief of the ECA Mission in Turkey (Dorr) to the Administrator for Economic Cooperation (Foster)1


Toeca 402. 1. Discussions Min FonAffs yesterday revealed apparent misunderstanding of info transmitted on April 30 to Erkin on level aid 1950–51. Turks stated expectation they to receive $70 million exclusive of IP and $30 million for mil assistance. They professed ignorance note handed by Bissell to Erkin April 30, stating it had never been transmitted to Fon Office. They translated cable sent from Wash (presumably by Erkin) which showed complete misunderstanding of explanations made by Bissell on April 31.

2. When actual level of aid explained, Turks expressed surprise and keen disappointment as they said this represented real cut instead of constituting additional assistance. I shall cable next week in more detail reaction of Turks.

3. I am today writing Min FonAffs letter confirming detail info transmitted in note and portions of Ecato 241, rptd Torep 2396 dealing with level aid 1950–51 plus para 6.2

4. Para 1 Ecato 279, rptd Torep 279, states note delivered Erkin in approx form set forth Ecato 263, rptd Torep 2541.3 Please cable earliest any changes in final note.4

5. …

  1. Repeated to Paris.
  2. Dated April 12, p. 1140.
  3. Neither printed.
  4. In Ecato 343 to Ankara, May 21, which is not printed, Dorr was informed again that the text of the memorandum handed to Ambassador Erkin on April 30 was substantially the same as the text cabled to him in Ecato 263 (ECA Telegram File: FRC Acc. No. 53A278: Ankara Ecato: Telegram 343).