782.5 MAP/5–1551: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Wadsworth) to the Department of State


733. Toisa. For Cabot from Emery. Amb, Arnold and Dorr concur in and recommend that the fol course of action be adhered to in implementing Turk military support programs for US FY ’51 and US FY ’52:

1. For US FY ’51 counterpart generated by imports totaling $31.4 million (including $4 million for NCO’s) will be made available to and will be used for military support programs covered in section H and section N of JAMMAT final report.1 Such counterpart will carry these programs thru Feb 29, 1952.

2. Assuming Turks prefer this, imports in para 1 above will consist of military “common use items” (such as POL, cloth for uniforms, and leather for shoes) and civilian type goods which will generate real counterpart. 202’s should be ready by end of month.

3. For US FY ’52 have taken into consideration priority position of military support programs (Ecato 2412) and also necessity of continuation investment program. Believe formula in fol paras meets first criterion fully and second insofar as available resources permit.

4. In reality there are three military support programs as fols: (a) NCO’s, (b) 40,000 troop increase and (c) provision of articles to Turk military to meet essential deficiencies not covered by end item program.

5. For Turk FY ending Feb 28, 1953, funds required for imports to finance programs in para 4 above are as fols: (a) $12.1 million, (b) $8.3 million and (c) $19 million (now estimated).

6. In view of fact that NCO and 40,000 troop programs involve men as distinct from “things” and that commitments must be given [Page 1163] to feed clothe and train those men for a 12-month period. Amb and JAMMAT feel that full amount of required funds covered in para 5 (a) and (b) above shld be made available from US FY ’52 funds. The counterpart equivalent of this $20.4 million will carry these two programs from March 1, 1952 to Feb 28, ’53.

7. With respect to program covered in paras 4 and 5 (c) above, both Amb and Gen Arnold feel that it wld be desirable to allot full amt required to carry program forward from US FY ’52 funds, but they recognize problem this wld create in carrying forward investment program. Therefore they agree that only one-third of required amt (i.e., $6.3 million) need be allotted from US FY ’52 funds to carry program from March 1, 1952 to June 30, 1952. The balance of the required $19 million (i.e., $12.7 million) would come from US FY ’53 funds assuming of course favorable appropriation action.

8. Therefore from the planned $70 million available for US FY ’52 the military support programs would require $26.7 million as outlined in paras 6 and 7 above leaving $43.3 million for the investment program.

9. Under above formula out of $140 million available for US FY ’51 and ’52 approx $58 million would be applied to military support and approx $82 million to the investment program. JAMMAT can then proceed with essential elements their program with only qualification being changing world conditions.

10. Dorr greatly appreciates suggestion in Ecato 3243 apparently designed obviate difficulties arising from sudden curtailment econ program. However Amb and Gen Arnold feel strongly that it would be unwise to jeopardize prompt implementation supplemental military programs by requesting deferment any counterpart generating purchases. Dorr understands this point of view and feels it desirable defer to their convictions in this regard on understanding it will be possible anticipate US FY ’52 allocation up to $5 million if desired.

11. Wld appreciate your favorable reaction these “ground rules” soonest so that planning on this basis can go forward without delay.[Emery.]

  1. Not printed; JAMMAT’s final report was enclosed with despatch 454 from Ankara, February 16, 1951 (782.5 MAP/2–1651).
  2. Dated April 12, p. 1140.
  3. Not printed; in Ecato telegram 324 to Ankara, May 11, it was suggested that all direct aid for Turkey above the SnoyMarjolin formula that had already been allocated should be used for the military support program and that the balance of the funds plus a substantial amount for a substantial portion of the funds alloted for the special military programs for the Turkish fiscal year 1952/53 would come out of the American appropriations for fiscal 1952. (782.5 MAP/5–1151)