ECA Telegram File: frc Acc. No. 53A278: Ankara Ecato: Telegram

The Administrator for Economic Cooperation (Foster) to the ECA Mission in Turkey 1


Ecato 292. 1. BissellErkin conference held 30 April. Erkin disappointed at level of aid but Bissell emphasized increase above expected $52.2 million and urged that Erkin impress on his Gov importance of prompt action so that entire $70 million might be used prior to 30 June. Bissell also emphasized general policy statements set forth in memo. (Ref Ecato 263 rptd Paris Torep 2541)2 After conference Erkin telephoned to inquire whether special $4 million NCO allotment included in $70 million. Arithmetic set forth in para 1 of memo was further elaborated for him, indicating inclusion of $4 million.

2. Erkin handed to Bissell short memo urging that U.S. take favorable position on Turk request for additional EPU initial position for current year.2 Bissell replied that he was not in a position to give Erkin any encouragement on this item and emphasized that $70 million level was established as upper limit of assistance to Turkey from current U.S. FY funds. However, Bissell suggested that Turk Gov might be interested in shifting some direct dollar assistance to EPU assistance, without increasing total level of aid.

3. Bissell indicated to Erkin that ECA aid to Turkey from U.S. FY 52 funds would be projected as of same order of magnitude as current year’s aid but that greater portion of aid through EPU and smaller portion in form of direct dollars. No figures mentioned by Bissell in this connection.

4. State Department representative present at meeting.

  1. Authorized by Hopkinson, EPD/ECA; drafted by Blaisdell, EPD/ECA; and cleared with Clarence S. Gulick, EPD/ECA; de Paul, EPD/ECA; and Bissell, ECA. It was repeated to Paris.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.