Editorial Note

The presentation to Syria of the note of acknowledgment referred to in telegrams 512 and 344, page 1088 and supra, was delayed by various complications. Legation talks in Damascus with Saudi Arabian and Egyptian diplomatic representatives seemed to indicate that the Arab countries would not be taking action on recognition for several days (telegram 349 from Damascus, December 10; 783.02/12–1051). Telegram 350 from Damascus, of the same date, stated that Clark and his French, British, and Turkish colleagues had decided to maintain only informal contacts with Syria for the time being while awaiting clarification of the Arab states attitude. The telegram further stated that the British and French representatives in Damascus were still awaiting instructions to proceed with recognition in concert with the United States and Turkish representatives (783.02/12–1051). Telegram 356 from Damascus, December 11, reported that, in the absence of an unforeseen development or instructions to the contrary, the four-power representatives would acknowledge receipt of the Syrian note on the morning of December 15 (783.02/12–1151). It was explained in telegram 360 from Damascus, December 13, that the decision to wait until December 15 was made in part because the British representative was [Page 1090] still without instructions and it was thought preferable to deliver the note quietly on a Saturday rather than at the close of the day on the 13th or on the 14th which was a religious holiday (783.02/12–1351). On the 14th, the Legation received word from Washington that Lebanon had decided to recognize Syria (telegram 232 to Damascus, December 14; 783.02/12–1251).

The four powers presented their notes on December 15 (telegram 363 from Damascus, December 15; 783.02/12–1551). A copy of the United States note 421, dated December 15, was enclosed in despatch 335 from Damascus, December 17 (783.02/12–1751), and read as follows: “The Legation of the United States of America presents its compliments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Syria and, pursuant to instructions from the Government of the United States, has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Ministry’s note number S–90, dated December 3, 1951, informing the Legation of the formation of the Government headed by H. E. Colonel Fawzi Silaw. The Legation avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the assurances of its highest consideration.”