342. Monthly Project Status Report Prepared in the Directorate of Plans, Central Intelligence Agency1


A. Mission: The mission of the project is to establish an effective instrument in Iran with which to work toward our political and psychological objectives. Individuals and groups that show a potential to organize and direct attacks against the Communists in Iran are supported and used to contact and direct various religious, political, labor and other leaders of important factions in Iran.

B. Plan: [5 lines not declassified].

C. Summary of PP Action: The immediate aims of the project are to emphasize the Soviet sponsorship of the Tudeh Party, and hence its danger to Iranian freedom, and to prevent the Communists from capitalizing on the present unstable condition of Iran.

[Page 822]

[6 paragraphs (34 lines) not declassified]

D. Effectiveness of Project: The Station continues to prepare and distribute anti-Tudeh articles and cartoons [less than 1 line not declassified]. In this way it is attempting to keep the Zahedi government aware of the dangers of the Tudeh.

E. Methods and Standards: [8 lines not declassified].

F. PP Assets Acquired: none.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, DDO Files, Job 59–00133R, Box 5, Folder 13, [cryptonym not declassified]. Secret; Security Information. The report covers Operation [cryptonym not declassified] for October 1953.