795B.00/11–850: Telegram

The Chargé in Korea (Drumright) to the Secretary of State


348. Embtel 339, November 6 and previous on Chinese intervention North Korea. Most significant development of past two days was aerial observation last night of extensive columns of vehicles crossing the Yalu River southward at Tantung and west of Sakchu. About 700 vehicles were sighted moving south on Sakchu–Kusong–Chongju road.

Several hostile jet and Yak aircraft, observed by UN pilots taking off from Antung airport, made brief sorties into Sinuiju–Sonchon area yesterday. These hostile aircraft engaged UN aircraft inconclusively and briefly, returning north Yalu River. Hostile planes failed to penetrate south to sensitive areas of UN military activity.

About 10 additional Chinese prisoners have been captured past two days. Additional those yesterday UN patrols probing northward toward Pakchon and Wunni observed numerous bodies of Chinese dead.