693.95A/11–750: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Henderson) to the Secretary of State


1128. Embtel 1098, November 6. GOI inquiry of Panikkar re meaning his reference to action by CPE in Korea has brought reply, according Menon, Foreign Secretary, that his (Panikkar’s) statement was “in framework” of earlier statement by Chou En-lai that CPR would not stand idle if UN forces should cross 38th parallel. Panikkar explained the CPR had had indirect support to North Koreans in mind, but that there were now indications of more direct assistance. He had information indicating that four divisions might be involved.

Panikkar went on to speak of “daily” violations Chinese territory by US aircraft and close approach American forces to Manchurian border as main reasons for CPR actions, and closed by stating his conviction that only big power discussion of Korea, with CPR participating, could now prevent conflict from becoming major war.