Memorandum by Mr. Lucius D. Battle, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State


The Secretary called General Marshall this morning regarding the instructions which went out to Ambassador Austin with regard to the addition of a last [sic] paragraph on the resolution which is coming up this morning.1

The Secretary referred to his discussion with General Marshall yesterday and said that when the paragraph was discussed with the other sponsors, the French had raised objection because the paragraph looked like something of a threat. The Secretary said this was, of course, not the intention and it was felt better to delay introduction of the paragraph until the question of assurances to the Chinese Communists was raised in the course of the debate. At that time, it would be possible to bring forth the proposed paragraph and the legislative history of the proposal would then make clear that the paragraph was not intended as a threat but rather an assurance. General Marshall agreed that this was the wise course and thanked the Secretary for calling him.

L[ucius] D. B[attle]
  1. See telegram 482, November 7, 7 p. m., to New York, p. 1093.