795.00/7–250: Telegram

The Commander in Chief, Far East (MacArthur) to the Department of the Army

top secret
operational immediate

CX 57097. Reference DA (JCS) nr W 84808 2nd July.2 Consider that if effective Naval blockade of the entire Korean coast is to be maintained, the following principal port areas should be patrolled. Najin, Chongjin, Wonsan, Inchon, Chinnampo, Anju and Sonchon plus any South Korean port which may fall to North Koreans.

In order to keep well clear of coastal waters of Manchuria and USSR do not plan to blockade Najin, Chongjin and Sonchon. Plan to patrol on East Coast latitude 41 degrees North and West Coast to 39–30 degrees North.

With units already committed to WESTPAC no need for additional forces other than carrier CVE Task Group to provide air cover for forces operating and to increase range of surveillance. Blockade forces can be deployed as of 4th July within limitations of existing Naval Forces Far East but present patrol cannot be extended effectively until reinforcement combatant ships arrive.

  1. The time of transmission is given in the source text as corresponding to 10:43 a. m. on July 2 (EDT).
  2. Transmitted on July 1 at 11: 28 a. m., p. 271.