795.00/7–250: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Muccio) to the Secretary of State


5. Late reports from Korean sources suggest enemy forces estimated to exceed 2000 in number and transported in 90 trucks had by 6 p. m. today penetrated to vicinity Kimyanggang, about 10 miles east Suwon. This column appears to have crossed Han River in vicinity Kwamgjangni. Another much smaller column which apparently crossed at same place appears to have turned south through Kwangju and to have reached vicinity Yangin, about 4 miles northeast Suwon by dusk. Han River front south of Seoul appears to have held all day and situation in Kimpo area reported unchanged. Inchon still in ROK hands. 17th regiment which successfully evacuated from Ongjin peninsula now moving north from Taejon area in attempt to contain enemy threat east of Suwon.

UNCOK preparing establish headquarters Taejon and start functioning. For this purpose Kondapi of India and Brionval France now at Pusan being asked proceed Taejon and other absent members in Japan being requested proceed Taejon. However, when Brionval and Kondapi arrive Taejon quorum will be achieved and UNCOK will start functioning. Embassy facilitating UNCOK in every way possible.

Department pass CINCFE.