795.00/7–250: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Kirk) to the Secretary of State


9. In accordance instructions from GOI Indian Ambassador Radhakrishnan called on Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Zorin July 1 to make démarche Korea. Indian counselor Kapur informed Embassy officer that his Ambassador took a “stiffer line” than had either US or UK Governments and that Zorin “was taken aback when Radhakrishnan countered former’s reference to Soviet Government reply to Trygve Lie on legal aspects SC action with blunt accusation that Soviets had violated Article 28 UN Charter in walking out [Page 281]SC (Kapur observed this connection that US should also emphasize Soviet violation Article 28 in its publicity on Far East situation).

Kapur added that GOI cable requesting Indian Ambassador take this action indicated that British had suggested such step to GOI. Presumably GOI also instructed Indian Embassy consult with British Embassy in matter, for British Embassy informs me that Kapur called at British Embassy morning July 1 with proposed draft démarche asking Soviets use their influence persuade North Korean authorities obey cease-fire order UN, withdraw troops north 38th parallel, and adding that breach of peace was “your fault”. At British Embassy Kapur was advised words “your fault” seemed possibly gratuitous and likely to place Soviets in undesirable position, but that otherwise démarche was welcomed, applauded and encouraged. British Ambassador states Indian Ambassador did omit on his own responsibility expression “your fault” from his prepared statement.

Department pass New Delhi, London, USUN 3. Repeated info New Delhi 2, London 6.