The Liberian Chargé ( Bright ) to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary: On August 11, 1950 this Embassy had the pleasure of submitting to Your Excellency a Memorandum concerning the defense of Liberia.1 A similar Memorandum was handed concurrently to the United States Ambassador at Monrovia. On August 17th a Memorandum on the subject of financial and technical aid for implementing my Government’s Five Year Plan was handed at Monrovia to the United States Ambassador, a copy of which I have the honor to append.2

Favorable consideration of and action on these Memorandums are regarded by the President of Liberia as necessary for the progress of the Nation and the questions are of such importance to the Government that I have been instructed to obtain consent of the Government of the United States of America for a visit of His Excellency the Secretary of State of Liberia and the Honorable the Attorney General of Liberia to this Capital to confer with The President of the United States of America, and with Your Excellency on the points raised in the two Memorandums mentioned herein. I shall be pleased if you will inform me if this request of my Government is granted and when the two Liberian officials may come to Washington.3

I have [etc.]

Richard S. S. Bright
  1. The reference here is presumably to Chargé Bright’s note of August 10, supra.
  2. The Liberian Embassy memorandum under reference here was not found attached to the source text, nor is there any evidence that such a memorandum was handed to Embassy in Monrovia on August 17. Under cover of despatch 66, August 28, the Embassy in Monrovia did transmit to the Department of State copies of a Liberian Department of State note of that date requesting U.S. Government financial aid and technical assistance in the further implementation of a proposed Liberian Five Year Plan. Despatch 66 also transmitted copies of the proposed Five Year Plan and appendices comprising 29 pages in the source text. (876.00–TA/8–2850)
  3. In a note of September 28, not printed, Liberian Ambassador King advised Secretary of State Acheson that President Tubman had appointed a special Commission composed of Secretary of State Gabriel L. Dennis, Attorney General C. Abayomi Cassell, and Liberian Government economist Charles B. Sherman, to go to the United States and conduct discussions on Liberian defense needs and financial and technical assistance for the proposed Liberian Five Year Plan (876.00 Five Year Plan/9–2850). The Liberian Commission arrived in the United States on October 7.