357.AB/2–1150: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


664. Following summarizes US position re Kashmir problem as approved by Secy:

US objective is peaceful settlement on terms acceptable both countries. Both parties have consistently held that final settlement must be in accord will of people. Both have agreed under aegis UNCIP to cease fire and demilitarization as conditions precedent to pleb.
Early demilitarization of state, including large scale disbanding and disarming local forces is of primary importance and US will press strongly for this. US considers McNaughton’s proposals fair, reasonable, well designed accomplish this end.
US will maintain principle that final disposition of state shld be determined in accordance will people. Although parties now stand committed overall pleb as means ascertain will, US is prepared support at appropriate time any practicable alternative acceptable to both and consistent with above principle.
Specifically, depending on development attitude parties, US is prepared encourage agreement on partition plus pleb in Vale with following essential prerequisites:
Indian agreement to demilitarization along lines McNaughton’s proposals;
Agreement that Vale will be neutralized militarily and administratively;
Agreement that terms settlement safeguard flow of Kashmir rivers to Pak (Chenab, principal problem anticipated);
Agreement on some method resolve disputes re pleb arrangements.
Debate on legality accession or blame for origin is irrelevant to common purpose of peaceful solution. In US view Maharajah’s act did not definitively settle rights of parties and offers India no basis for superior moral position. US will make this view known in SC, only if necessary.
Accordingly, US favors SC res containing substantially following:
Call on parties to make immediate arrangements for, and carry out within specified time, demilitarization along lines of McNaughton’s proposals or any other basis if mutually agreed upon;
Call on parties to agree on method to determine people’s will in order carry out underlying principles SC and UNCIP resolutions. This part res shld be worded so as not preclude partition plus pleb but doubtful whether express reference shld be made this course.
Appointment of UN rep to assist in above tasks. Norman Robertson of Canada,2 Adm Nimitz or Ralph Bunche3 wld be acceptable as UN rep. Possibility envisaged that tasks under (a) and (b) might be performed by two different reps.
US continues believe UK shld bear major responsibility for promoting settlement and accordingly will urge UK to assume leading role in consultations with SC members in New York to work out solution along above lines to be submitted jointly by as many members SC as possible.

Your info fuller text conclusions and recommendations as approved by Secy being dispatched.

London to discuss with Brit.

  1. Repeated to New Delhi 138, Karachi 90, USUN 66.
  2. Norman A. Robertson, former High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom; Clerk of Privy Council and Secretary to Cabinet.
  3. Ralph J. Bunche, former Acting Mediator in Palestine 1948–1949.