784A.02/1–2050: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Israel 1


41. Pls reply to Eytan2 along fol lines re inquiry urtel 44 Jan. 20.3

In US view it is not consistent with present status UN consideration Jerusalem question for Israel to establish its capital in that city. [Page 707] US regrets note that Israel apparently does not share US view that no steps shld be taken which wld be prejudicial to final settlement Jerusalem problem, of which UN seized and with which UN vitally concerned. Recent action of Israeli Govt in obtaining Knesset approval of Govt-sponsored resolution concerning Jerusalem as capital of Israel will in US view make such settlement more difficult to reach.

Since Jerusalem question sub judice in UN, USG unable accede Eytan suggestion.

In US view, basic problem is to obtain solution of Jerusalem question by a settlement which will safeguard legitimate interests of parties most directly concerned and of international community. As it has done in PCC, US willing continue make efforts facilitate such settlement, but considers Israel has responsibility take leading role in spirit compromise and good will. This to Israel’s interest as present impasse prejudicial from long-range view Israel’s foreign relations.

  1. This telegram was repeated for information to London, Amman, Jerusalem, New York, and Geneva, the last for the American Delegations to the Palestine Conciliation Commission and to the Trusteeship Council.
  2. Walter Eytan, Director General of the Israeli Foreign Office.
  3. Not printed; it stated that on January 19, Mr. Eytan had approached Ambassador McDonald as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps with information that the Israeli Government was ready to cooperate with foreign missions in preparing for their offices and residences in Jerusalem. The Ambassador replied informally that his “categorical instructions re Jerusalem indicated that US Government would not be willing make any move now even of the most tentative kind in direction move Jerusalem.” (784A.02/1–2050)