320/9–1150: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


1322. Pls review urgently with FonOff fol ideas with respect composition GA Genl Comite and report soonest reactions and suggestions you obtain.

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On overall geographic balance GC Dept feels past distribution shld be followed: Big 5, 1 WE, 1 Commonwealth, 3 from NE, ME and FE area, 1 EE (Sov bloc) and 3 LA States.

President. US has not decided between leading candidates Entezam and Zafrullah. US hopes after they canvass voting strength NY one or other will retire from race.

Vice Presidents. In addition five major powers, US intends support Commonwealth candidate (Canada or Australia; US hopes one or other will withdraw) and probably LA state, possibly Venezuela or Mexico, which are candidates.

Dept’s tentative preference, assuming president from Middle East, is for WE to chair First Comite. Views as to this idea and possible individuals available very much wanted. From list dels now available, although we do not have Belg list, best possibilities occurring to us are Lange (Norway)2 if he would accept, or Van Heuven Goedhart (Netherlands).3

On Ad Hoc Political Comite we have considered Padilla Nervo (Mexico) or other suitable LA candidate, such as Urdaneta (Colombia).4

On Comite 2, Santa Cruz (Chile)5 has been mentioned but some feeling exists he has held this position too many times. He has indicated to USUN he may recommend Chile not be candidate view Chile’s four years on GC.

If WE does not chair First Comite Goedhart could also be considered for Third Comite.

On Fourth Comite we have favorably considered Prince Wan (Thailand).6 Though UK has suggested McEachen of Uruguay,7 who wld also be acceptable to us, Dept. has no info he will attend.

Dept feels Slav group shld have one seat in addition USSR on Gen Comite, preferably thru Comite Chairmanship, but has not been able to find any suitable Comite Chairmanship. Wld welcome FonOff views.

  1. Repeated for action to the Embassies in Paris (1250) and Ottawa (60) and to the U.S. Mission, New York (238).
  2. Halvard M. Lange, Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Norwegian Delegation to the General Assembly.
  3. G. J. van Heuven Goedhart, Vice Chairman of the Netherlands Delegation to the General Assembly.
  4. Roberto Urdaneta Arbelaez, Chairman of the Colombian Delegation to the General Assembly.
  5. Hernán Santa Cruz, Chairman of the Chilean Delegation to the General Assembly.
  6. Prince Wan Waithayakon, Permanent Representative of Thailand at the United Nations.
  7. Roberto E. MacEachen, Uruguayan Ambassador to Mexico.