Memorandum by the Officer in Charge of Mexican Affairs (Rubottom) to the Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs (Miller)


Subject: Mexican Aviation

At my request Ambassador de la Colina called at the office today at which time I pointed out that considerable time had elapsed since the granting of the Guest permit and we were wondering if he had succeeded in getting any expression from his Government since he had been approached by Mr. Mann last week. The Ambassador replied in the negative, although pointing out that he had sent an urgent query to the Foreign Office a week ago.

I told him quite frankly that Assistant Secretary Miller had understood the Ambassador’s proposal several months ago to be: (1) the United States Government grant Guest commercial rights at Miami; and (2) if this were done the Mexican Government would be prepared to discuss the proposed Eastern route from New York to New Orleans to Mexico. I reminded him that the Department had worked diligently to bring about (1) above and that it was becoming increasingly embarrassing to try to explain the Mexican Government’s failure to deliver under (2) above.

He said that he realized our situation and that he would call Foreign Minister Tello this afternoon to urge again that the Mexican Government take some initiative leading to discussions with the United States on the Eastern application and other pending aviation matters.1

  1. In telegram 793 from Mexico City, December 20, Ambassador William O’Dwyer stated in part that when he had raised with President Alemán the question of the New Orleans–Mexico City route, the latter “… immediately indicated his lack of interest any single application further stating he wished aviation question taken up as a whole. Suggested matter be taken up through regular channels.” (911.5212/12–1950)