821.413/4–2850: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia ( Beaulac ) to the Secretary of State


223. Re Deptel 117, April 27. The Embassy will continue to assist missionaries and will advise those who are willing to do so report any future incident to Ministry Justice. It should be remembered that [Page 817] many, and probably most, American missionaries in Colombia prefer to handle their own affairs without intervention of US Government.

Embassy considers it inadvisable circularize Americans emphasizing non-intervention Colombian politics. Such action by Embassy would be hurtful to American interests and interests of our Government here since it would imply intervention exists.

Whereas Protestant missionaries find it difficult to conceal their preference for Liberal Party and their aversion to Conservative Party, and whereas most converts to Protestant faith are Liberals, there has been no known intervention by missionaries or other American in Colombia’s internal politics comparable to intervention by Pattison through his public statement. This public statement has damaged the position of Protestant missionaries in Colombia and has not improved position of US here.