Memorandum by Mr. Charles W. Kempter of the Lend-Lease and Surplus Property Staff


At 11 a.m., Thursday, April 13, 1950, the Governments of Colombia and the United States exchanged notes agreeing upon terms of settlement of the Colombian lend-lease obligations arising out of defense aid transferred under the Colombian Lend-Lease Agreement of March 17, 1942.1

Transmitted herewith2 are mimeographed copies of the following confidential documents for the information of interested officials of the United States Government:

Text of the Colombian Government’s settlement proposal made in the Embassy’s note No. 374 of March 16, 1950.
Text of the Department’s note of April 13, 1950, specifying terms of acceptance.
Text of the Colombian Embassy’s note No. 482 of April 13, 1950, concurring in terms of settlement.

The signing and exchanging of these notes constituted the formalization of the Colombian Lend-Lease Settlement Arrangement whereby terms have been reached for the full and final liquidation of Colombia’s residual obligations to the United States arising out of [Page 816] defense aid supplied under the terms of the basic Lend-Lease Agreement of March 17, 1942.3

A waiver of any claims, not specifically covered by the terms of settlement, of either Government against the other, arising out of lend-lease, is included (see numbered paragraph 9 of the exchange of notes).

  1. Text is printed in Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. vi, pp. 189192.
  2. None printed.
  3. According to the texts of the notes exchanged on April 13, the amount of the settlement was $1, 092,406.87, which was the balance due on a total payment responsibility of $3,492,406.87. Lend-lease rendered to Colombia was valued at $7,858,701.33.

    Documents in file 721.56 for 1951 indicate that Colombia completed payments; under the Settlement Arrangement on October 5, 1951.