Editorial Note

Documents in file 724.56 for 1950 indicate that the Bolivian Government during that year made to the United States Government one payment of 5,500,000 bolivianos and two payments totaling $200,000 under a Lend-Lease Settlement Arrangement reached in November 1947.

In airgram 148 to La Paz, February 2, 1951, the Department acknowledged that an additional Bolivian payment of $15,644.21, forwarded to Washington by the Embassy on January 26, 1951, completed Bolivia’s obligations under the 1947 settlement. Under it, payments were to have been completed on July 1, 1950. The Department expressed appreciation for the Embassy’s persistent efforts to liquidate the account and stated that negotiations with Bolivia regarding a so-called “contingent” lend-lease account totaling $494,399.25 might soon be resumed. (724.56/1–2651) According to in-instruction No. 61 to La Paz, June 20, 1950, the “contingent” account included items for which Bolivia had, at time of purchase, specifically agreed to pay full cost. (724.56/5–1150)