320/5–950: telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


2279. Urtel 2527, May 9. In talk with Brit Emb Reprs May 11 Dept pointed out that while it regarded Zafrullah as excellently qualified candidate for Presidency GA, it understood Entezam of Iran, who stood down for Romulo last year, might have considerable support in this year’s election. Dept told Brit Emb Reprs informally it favored suggesting to GOP and Iran Govt they endeavor agree between selves which candidate shld stand for election. Shld both Entezam and Zafrullah stand for election, result might be election of candidate from some other region. Since Dept prefers not to support either of these candidates against the other it hopes there may be a possibility that GOP and Iran Govt may come to amicable agreement. Since both candidates from same region, Dept believes it unlikely that if one were elected GA Pres other cld be elected Chairman First Comite.

Dept’s prelim thinking had tended toward support Entezam (Iran), because his ability, experience, fact GA has never had Middle Eastern [Page 95] Pres, and his willingness stand aside for Romulo at Fourth GA. Informal discussions USUN with other UN Dels disclose Entezam most frequently mentioned candidate, other possibilities a Latin American (Padilla Nervo or Santa Cruz) and Pearson. Iran Emb has asked Dept support Entezam, and Ikramullah has asked us support Zafrullah but no commitment given.

Dept intends discuss matter with Ikramullah when he returns Washington May 24 and with Iran Emb Reprs.

  1. Repeated to the Embassy in Pakistan as 338 and to the Embassy in Iran as 567.