320/5–950: telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas) to the Secretary of State


2527. Parrott1 indicated Foreign Office has learned unofficially through Hector McNeil2 that Zafrullah Khan3 intends to stand as [Page 93] President Fifth GA. UK feels obligated to vote for Zafrullah as he had been UK candidate for President Fourth GA and stood down for Romulo.

Parrott also stated that as Pakistan has felt badly treated in UN election, Zafrullah would be a good thing. He added both Zafrullah and Entezam regarded as excellent candidates but that UK would feel bound to vote for Zafrullah in light of previous events.

Foreign Office would be interested in Department’s latest thinking.

  1. Cecil C. Parrott, head of the United Nations (Political) Department, British Foreign Office.
  2. British Minister of State (Foreign Office), member of the British Delegation to the fourth and earlier regular sessions of the General Assembly.
  3. Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations.