Memorandum of Conversation, by the Under Secretary of State (Webb)

Participants: H. E. Feridun C. Erkin, Ambassador of Turkey
The Under Secretary
Mr. Robert C. Moore—GTI
Mr. David H. Popper—UNP

The Turkish Ambassador informed me that Turkey intended to be a candidate for the Security Council at the September, 1950 General Assembly, running as a Middle Eastern state to succeed Egypt. The Ambassador sought the support of the United States and asked that the necessary instructions be given to the United States Delegation at the United Nations. He also stated that Turkey was informing the Latin American states of its candidacy and would appreciate United States assistance in enlisting their support.

I gave the Ambassador an official assurance of US support for Turkey’s candidacy. I said, however, that I would wish to consult with experts in the Department as regards the timing of action which this Government might take to make known its support for the Turks.

The Ambassador expressed the appreciation of his Government for the assurance of the United States support.

J[ames E.] W[ebb]