Editorial Note

Ad Hoc Political Committee consideration of the Indians in South Africa item began on November 14 and extended until November 20. [Page 570] For the proceedings of the Committee on this matter, see United Nations, Official Records of the General Assembly, Fifth Session, Ad Hoc Political Committee, pages 247 ff. For the principal Committee documentation, see United Nations, Official Records of the General Assembly, Annexes, volume II, fascicule relating to agenda item 57 (hereafter cited as GA (V), Annexes, volume II, agenda item 57). The Indian proposal was submitted in the form of a joint draft resolution offered by Burma, India, Indonesia, and Iraq; ibid., pages 2 and 3.

The United States made two statements during the Committee’s deliberations. The first was made by Senator Lodge on November 17, in support of a five-power draft resolution submitted by Brazil, Bolivia, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (for text, see ibid., page 3); see GA (V), Ad Hoc Political Committee, page 275. The Lodge statement was made immediately after statements made by the sponsoring powers, underscoring United States support. The second United States statement was made by Minister John C. Ross of the United States Delegation on November 18, to register United States disapproval of amendments offered to the five-power (“Brazilian”) resolution by Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and the Philippines (for text, see ibid., page 285; footnote 2); see ibid., pages 287 and 288.