320/11–850: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )


488. Ref Delga 249. In conversation with Mrs. Pandit USDel shld point out that we do not believe type of res suggested wld advance [Page 564] solution of problem or lead to amelioration conditions Indians in South Africa. Rather, we believe it wld have the effect of exacerbating situation and making resumption of negotiations more difficult. For this reason we will not be able to support res along lines she suggested. USDel shld endeavor persuade Mrs. Pandit that res calling for resumption Round Table talks and possibly including provision for an appointment of a conciliator to assist seems to be a more fruitful approach.

Re sounding out other dels as suggested urtel 249, Dept concerned that we not assume initiative this regard and while clearly stating our position, other dels, particularly Commonwealth states, shld be encouraged to take initiative so that Assembly may not be faced with extreme positions presented by India and South Africa. We believe that in view extensive activity of this kind taken by us on other Assembly issues and in this case in past, it is preferable that we let other dels carry initiative.

Although you are in better position to evaluate tactical situations and to judge most propitious time to present US statement in Comite, it seems to us it wld be wiser if we spoke late in debate at a time best calculated to inject a note of conciliation so as to bring Comite together on moderate res.