320/9–2150: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )


Gadel 5. Fol draft resolution has been prepared in Dept in connection with study of possible counter-proposal to anticipated move of Soviet Delegation on basis of Stockholm Appeal, Deptel 268, Sept. 14:

The GA:

Deeply concerned by the breach of the peace in Korea and by other threats to world peace;

Convinced that it voices the intense desire of all peoples to live in peace, in freedom and in justice and to eradicate the causes of war;

[Page 398]

Steadfast in its support for the principles underlying the Essentials of Peace as set forth in Resolution 290 (IV) of the Fourth Session; Proclaims, on behalf of the peoples of the UN, this

Free World Appeal

We appeal for sincere and uninterrupted international collaboration to settle disputes by peaceful means, to raise standards of living everywhere, and to combat injustice, intolerance, poverty and fear;
We appeal for an end to aggression and subversion, and to the betrayal of nationalist independence movements in the interest of a New Imperialism.
We appeal for the regulation and reduction of all armaments and mass armies, including the prohibition of atomic weapons, by means of effective systems of control and inspection;
We appeal for a free world dedicated to the observance of human rights, to the removal of barriers to friendly intercourse among peoples, and to the free communication of ideas;
We appeal for the right to live in peace and call upon all governments to cease all propaganda for war and all propaganda of hatred and suspicion toward other nations in order that we may devote ourselves to the fulfilment of our moral, spiritual and material needs.

The draft is transmitted for Delegation’s study in connection with its consideration of tactics in dealing with Soviet Declaration presented by Vyshinsky yesterday in his speech in plenary session.1 Delegation shld consult with Dept before discussing draft with other delegations since its use will depend on very careful evaluation of best method of disposing of draft Soviet Declaration.

  1. For the Soviet Foreign Minister’s general debate statement to the General Assembly on September 20, see GA (V), Plenary, vol. i, pp. 27 ff. For text of the Soviet draft resolution, entitled “Declaration on the removal of the threat of a new war and the strengthening of peace and security among the Nations,” see ibid., p. 31