310/2–1550: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Bruce ) to the Secretary of State


725. Deptel 462, February 3, repeated New York 54. Broustra, head of UN affairs Foreign Office, states that he is in full agreement with us re desirability of carrying on business as usual in UN agencies and not allowing Soviet walkout to paralyze UN. He referred to ECOSOC and Trusteeship Council as examples of work being carried on as usual. He said only difference he knew of between us was over question admission new states; that whereas we wished to make distinction between states whose admission had already been vetoed by Soviets and those (like Indonesia) whose candidacy had not previously been considered, French felt that no action should be taken on any new members without Soviet participation lest latter cause subsequent embarrassment and trouble. When position of French in FEC was pointed out to him he agreed this made little sense and promised to [Page 227] discuss matter with Far East Section which had more direct jurisdiction on this particular point.

While expresssing general satisfaction that our positions did not appear as far apart as we had feared, we suggested to him that perhaps Foreign Office attitude as he stated it was not clearly understood by all French representatives. If Chauvel continues to follow same line, it might be hinted to him that it conflicts with what Foreign Office has told us.

Sent Department 725; Department pass NY USUN 1.