310/2–350: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1


462. Dept. concerned attitude expressed by Chauvel N.Y. which he stated his Govt. approved that substantive action in UN during Sov. walkout shld be “soft-pedaled”. While ChauvePs meaning not entirely clear, Dept. wld consider it extremely unfortunate if UN bodies were to cease carrying on normal activities, as this wld mean one state by its absence able to paralyze UN. Dept. feels normal business UN bodies shld be transacted in normal way, but provocative steps such as taking up controversial subjs such as admission of new members at unusual time shld be avoided.

Same Fr attitude described above reflected Thursday FEC where Fr representative stated body unable to proceed with any work during absence Sov Representative.

Please discuss discreetly FonOff in effort obtain modification Fr position. Embassy will appreciate importance not implying in any way criticism of Chauvel who in Paris next week.

  1. Repeated to USUN, New York (54), adding, “Please discuss French Del. along line Deptel 37, Jan. 24.” In its No. 37, January 24, the Department had informed the Mission of its concern “over possible implications trend of thought among certain Dels … to effect that SC and other UN organs shld not proceed with their normal business in absence of Sov reps.… The Mission was instructed in its discretion in conversations with other delegations to “stress US view that no UN Member can by its willful absence impair normal functioning of any UN organ or validity of decisions which it may take. US will support maintenance to greatest extent possible of normal range and tempo of activities in all UN bodies.” (357.AB/1–1650)