330/1–1350: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Holmes ) to the Secretary of State


194. Conversations with Scarlett, head Far East Department, and Allen, head UN Political Department FonOff, indicate British position question of Chinese representatives in UN organization not yet finally determined.

According to Allen, question of removing Tsiang from SC is “premature”. He added when majority SC have recognized Chinese Communist regime, Britain having recognized would logically be obliged to vote in favor of unseating Tsiang. However, until majority SC have recognized, Britain will abstain from voting on question of Chinese representatives in SC.

Allen stated it would not make sense to wait until next GA or until [Page 196] majority of members of UN had recognized Chinese Communists before coming to grips with question.

Britain would prefer to have question treated as procedural in SC but Allen stated might have difficulty in maintaining this position if any member of SC insisted matter substantive.

Department pass USUN New York as London 3.