751.001/5–550: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Kirk) to the Secretary of State


1291. Judging by tenor and content articles currently appearing Pravda Izvestiya et al French Government has dealt resounding blow in expelling Professor Joliot-Curie from post in atomic research.1 Such anguish and pain show clearly hurt done.

Personally I am immensely gratified this action French Government as have long considered the professor a serious menace in scientific circles not only in France but also and perhaps more dangerously in Belgium.2

Sent Department 1291; Department pass Paris 188, London 178, Brussels 10.

  1. On April 28, Premier Georges Bidault dismissed Dr. Joliot-Curie as High Commissioner for Atomic Energy. Bidault justified the action on a recent statement by Joliot-Curie that no truly progressive scientist would allow his scientific knowledge to he employed in a war against the Soviet Union.
  2. Admiral Alan G. Kirk was Ambassador to Belgium, 1946–1949.