123 Stuart, J. Leighton: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

938. Embassy officer today called on Ch’en Ying, Chief General Affairs Section of newly established Aliens Affairs Office, a department of Nanking Military Control Commission, to discuss question of Ambassador’s free access to Chancery and occupation US Government-owned houses by Communist troops. Interview resulted in no positive action other than Ch’en’s statement he would investigate and inform us, but following points appear significant:

Ch’en said PLA does not wish interfere with free movement foreign nationals Nanking (this borne out by notable relaxation restrictions on foreigners’ movements last few days);
Ch’en said PLA soldiers should not move into foreign property;
Ch’en prefaced remarks with statement that no diplomatic relations exist between our Governments and studiously avoided using title Ambassador or referring to diplomats in other terms than “foreign nationals”.

Sent Department; repeated Shanghai 502, OffEmb Canton 354.