501.BB Palestine/10–1249: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1 and the United States Mission at the United Nations


Dept understands PCC plans reconvene formally Lake Success Oct 18. According recent info from Clapp, preliminary report will not be ready before Nov. 10. In view this sched Dept believes first formal session shld be deferred until receipt Clapp report.

Foregoing need not interfere with present travel plans PCC reps, since latter wld doubtless find it profitable proceed Lake Success consult together and with Israeli and Arab dels informally in advance of formal session.

Consult Boisanger, Yalcin and SYG re foregoing, stating that unless they perceive objection, we plan inform Israeli and Arab dels to PCC of our views.

  1. At Ankara and Paris.