501.BB Palestine(E)/10–749: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Saudi Arabia 1


400. View your observations (urtel 590 Oct 52) believe you shld defer submitting note to FonOff for present. Dept will urge Clapp call on Fuad Bey.

You shld call on Yassin to renew conversation reported urtel 585, Sep 303 and endeavor informally to exploit his suggestion SA observer be appointed. You shld point out that ESM maintaining HQ in Beirut, which wld be good vantage point for SAG rep to study ESM and receive info re its objectives.

FYI we hope view Fuad’s presence Beirut he might be named SAG rep.

Pls inform your Brit colleague of foregoing.

  1. This telegram was repeated to London.
  2. Not printed; it noted that officers of the American Embassy and British diplomatic officials at Jidda were in agreement that the odds were heavily against reversal of the Saudi Arabian refusal to receive the Economic Survey Mission. It also suggested that the Mission abandon the idea of visiting Saudi Arabia and proposed in its stead that Mr. Clapp call on Fuad Hamza, an influential royal councillor, then in Beirut to solicit his good offices with the King (501.BB Palestine(E)/10–549).
  3. Not printed.