840.20/1–449: Telegram

The Ambassador in Denmark (Marvel) to the Acting Secretary of State

top secret

6. British Ambassador returned from London January 1 and today informs me terms of North Atlantic pact will near completion mid-January. Further stated his information was Swedish military as distinct from Swedish air and navy are not keen for Scandinavian alliance and that there is possibility Nordic technical report due after January 11 meeting will not be unanimous and consequently chances for Scandinavian military alliance not too propitious. I suggested and he agreed sounding (inquiry whether Danes would accept within specified deadline invitation to join in talks) should be made February 1. February 1 appears to me to be date for approach particularly as it was date suggested by Danes as deadline as reported my 861 September 141 et seq. and it is my recommendation such be done. Conversations with leaders in the Conservative and Socialist parties over week end convince me there will be Parliamentary majority for ratification North Atlantic pact but that Danish ratification will be doubly assured if sounding to Sweden to join talks is made at same time as to Denmark and Norway. If Danes know all efforts to conclude Scandinavian military alliance have been exhausted as well as equal opportunity has been offered to Swedes to discuss North Atlantic pact then remaining obstacle to severing historical and sentimental ties between Danish and Swedish Socialists will be overcome. Simultaneous soundings Norway, Denmark and Sweden would be helpful here.

BBC diplomatic correspondent here for Berlingske Tidende 200 year jubilee has been quite free in telling Danish politicians Sweden will not be extended invitation for North Atlantic pact and reaction has not been favorable.

Sent Department 6; repeated Stockholm 1, Oslo 1, London 1.