840.20/1–449: Telegram

The Ambassador in Sweden (Matthews) to the Acting Secretary of State

top secret

5. I have just received copy Copenhagen’s telegram 1110, December 30, 6 p. m. to Department.1 Regardless of Rasmussen’s2 wishes I consider it extremely important from tactical point of view that no approach to Swedes with invitation to join North Atlantic pact be made at this time either by US or Britain. I see many signs of effectiveness of our tactics of showing indifference to Swedish policy all of which would be undone if we made any approach to Swedes at this time. Let the Norwegians and/or Danes tell the Swedes about North Atlantic pact if and when the time seems proper to them. I consider this of greatest importance from point of view Swedish psychology if we hope for eventual Swedish association in pact.3

  1. Foreign Relations, 1948, vol. iii, p. 346.
  2. Gustav Rasmussen, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  3. In telegram No. 10, January 6 (not printed), the Department of State informed Matthews that it had no intention of approaching the Swedish Government regarding the North Atlantic Pact, although it had indicated to Denmark and Norway that it had no objections to their discussing the subject with Sweden. (840.20/1–549)