Editorial Note

The negotiations on the occupation statute for Germany were held at the Foreign Office, London, starting January 17, 1949. Julius C. Holmes, Counselor of Embassy, led the United States delegation. His principal advisers were William C. Trimble and David A. Thomasson, both of Embassy London, and Bernard A. Gufler, Foreign Service Officer at Berlin. Sir Ivone A. Kirkpatrick, Deputy Under-Secretary of State (appointed Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the German Section February 1, 1949), led the British delegation. His principal advisers were Patrick Dean, Head of the German Political Department, and Christopher Steel, Political Adviser in Berlin. The French delegation was led by Ambassador René Massigli, whose principal advisers were Louis de Guiringaud, First Secretary of the Embassy in London, and François Seydoux, Political Officer in Berlin.