740.00119 Control (Germany)/1–1849: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom

us urgent

210. Holmes from Lovett. In connection with Occupation Statute you should state on first appropriate occasion that you are participating in attempt work out technical details of Statute in form of recommendation to be made to higher authority, but that you are instructed reserve your position with respect to ultimate support recommendation until certain essential points of Trizonal fusion agreement are agreed in principle by you and UK and Fr representatives. US considers these to be:

While US makes major contribution for imports it should have controlling voice in agencies dealing with foreign trade and exchange.
Other reserved powers should be exercised by majority vote three occupying powers.
Exercise of powers under (1) and (2) above should be subject to right of any Military Governor considering action thereunder in conflict with major policies his Government to request matter be referred to Govts, such appeal suspending action no longer than thirty days but not preventing action in case Governmental agreement not finally reached.
That three MilGovs constituting Tripartite Board be supported by staff or committee organization nature of which they would work out which would function throughout Trizonal area so that each occupying power would not be exercising reserved powers merely in its own zone.
Trizonal Agreement should continue for that part of occupation period during which US makes major import contribution. Agreement at least in principle on these points is requested during present Conference as condition of your agreeing to terms Occupation Statute.

Purpose this notification is to make clear US considers certain aspects statute inseparable from certain basic aspects Trizonal fusion agreement.

Discussions with respect to statute and above points with respect to Trizonal fusion agreement will take place concurrently.1

  1. The telegram was cleared in substance by Lovett, Saltzman, Draper, and Voorhees.