List of photographs and charts


(These photographs will be found in a group following page 642.)

Secretary of State Acheson, Foreign Secretary Bevin, and Foreign Minister Schuman following the signing of the agreements on Germany at Washington, April 8 1
Representatives of the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, the United States, and France in New York on May 4 on the occasion of the agreement on the ending of the Berlin Blockade 2
Members of the Allied Kommandatura signing the “Little Occupation Statute” at Berlin, May 14. 3
Foreign Minister Schuman, Foreign Secretary Bevin, Foreign Minister Vyshinsky, and Secretary of State Acheson at the conclusion of the Sixth Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers at the Palais Rose, Paris, June 20 4
The Allied High Commissioners for Germany signing the Occupation Statute for Germany at Petersberg near Bonn, September 21 5
Secretary of State Acheson being greeted by Chancellor Adenauer at the railway station at Bonn, November 13 6
Secretary of State Acheson conversing with General Vasiliy Ivanovich Chuikov, Chairman of the Soviet Control Commission for Germany, during a reception in West Berlin, November 14 7
106th Meeting of the Allied Council for Austria, Vienna, September 16 8