Editorial Note

On February 11 the Technical Committee on Berlin Currency and Trade addressed to the President of the United Nations Security Council a report which reviewed its activities at Paris, November 30–December 22, 1948, and at Geneva, January 14–February 11, 1949, [Page 672] and which stated that “the Committee has reached the conclusion that the present positions of the experts of the Four Occupying Powers are so far apart in this matter that further work by the Committee, at this stage, does not appear useful.” The Committee put forward no recommendations, but it submitted its report, with associated working papers, in the hope that they might be found useful in any further discussions. The report and its enclosures were subsequently issued as United Nations press release SC/908, March 15, 1949, and most of the text is printed in Department of State Documents and State Papers, May 1949, pages 749 ff., and Germany 1947–1949, pages 230 ff.